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Another service we provide to area residents and business owners is that of electrical remodeling in Cheyenne, WY. Very often it is necessary to install new electrical wiring in a facility, whether it be a home, a storefront, an office building, or even a factory, because the existing wiring is simply very old and is subject to potential malfunction due to age or other factors. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry when dealing with electricity, because so much is at stake regarding the safety of all occupants of a given building.

We can provide home surge protection for buildings, in the event that a sudden excess of power goes through power lines, and unexpectedly reaches buildings connected to the utility lines. With power surges being effectively shunted away from buildings, occupants remain safe, and so does all the circuitry throughout the building, which might otherwise be exposed to severe damage and costly replacement.

Panel upgrades are another area that we handle for customers, because it happens quite often that additional power requirements are needed in a building or facility, and electrical requirements must be upgraded to accommodate them. We also do electrical lighting for commercial and residential applications, and we can even do street-lighting outside a home, or along the entire street for that matter.

Any task that we take on in the way of electrical remodeling, new installations, upgrades to existing circuitry and wiring, or specialty tasks, like installing generators and outdoor electrical outlets, are all handled by experienced and completely trustworthy electrical specialists.

All our electrical technicians are licensed and bonded, and are completely reliable in the performance of their craft, so that all customers can have total peace of mind.

Our electrical work is of the highest quality available in the industry.

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