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When you think of an electrical contractor in Cheyenne, WY, we’d like you to think of Cheyenne Electric, because we feel we are the expert electrical contractors in the area, with the most skilled electrical specialists, and the company which provides the best customer service to all clients, whether they be residential, commercial, or industrial.

We can do electrical repair at your home or business, and we can do an electrical service upgrade as well, to provide you with more electrical energy in all those areas which require it. If your installed wiring system has become outmoded or has experienced deterioration over time, we can do an electrical renovation on the entire system to bring it back up to snuff, and ensure the safety of all occupants and users of the service.

We can also do light switch wiring and wiring for appliance circuits in the home, whether these are brand-new requirements or re-wiring of existing circuitry. Our area of expertise also includes providing outdoor electrical lines, so that you can use your power tools outside, or plug into external outlets for lighting, entertainment systems, and any other activity you might undertake outdoors which requires a power source.

To protect yourself against the loss of electrical power when the utility company is temporarily knocked out, installing a generator at your home or business is always a good idea, because it provides a backup power source in those unusual circumstances. We can do the generator installation for you, so that your home energy systems can be connected to the generator, and still have power even during or after a severe storm.

For electrical contracting in Cheyenne, WY, please call us at Cheyenne Electric for a prompt, free estimate.

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